Having just entered the fourth month of a six month stay, I am perfectly pleased to speak to "The Green Gables experience". This glorious restful home is replete with the charm of yesteryear while offering all of the amenities of today; from WiFi, a small private gym, a cozy library, a sunny plant-filled conservatory to en suite bathrooms.

One is free to socialize with staff and other guests, but respect for privacy as well as individual needs and/or differences never waived. Breakfasts are flexible in both time and content, and the option to "come home for dinner" is a lovely bonus; in fact, guests are asked for their preferences and/or suggestions vis-a-vis the menu.

The daily staff are considerate, attentive, friendly and fun! .... which leads me to their employer/friend Margaret Stacey, and your hostess. She provides the spark, the commitment, the civility and yes, the magic that transforms a peaceful stay into an unforgettable one. As a retired nurse, my Green Gables sojourn has become a marvellous chapter in my Book of Life; one I plan to repeat for the foreseeable future.

Mary Jane Younis

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